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Free British Columbia Water Service Sizer

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If you would like to know what size your water service (pipe from street to house shutoff) should be – here is a spreadsheet I created for my plumbing business that you are welcome to download.

Just fill in the quantities of each type or group of fixtures in column “A” and the appropriate size of your water service will show in bottom right cell of worksheet.

Note that this is to code in British Columbia and may not be applicable to your location. Ask a plumbing inspector!

You will need to enable macros and I  Guarantee it is  SAFE – its just a macro to clear quantities from sheet.

You may alternatively not enable macros and just delete quantities in Column A manually.


Download here: BC Plumbing Code Water Service Sizing

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My Day – Nov 14 2016

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Well – there is a new addition to the building code in BC! I am told that plumbing pipes are not supposed to be located in outside walls!

This can be achieved in many cases, but sometimes the outside wall is the only wall available to run drains and vents in. Hmmmm…what to do, what to do.

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My Day – Nov 7 2016

Category:Day To Day Thoughts,Plumbing

Yesterday, I was setting fixtures on a bathroom renovation I did, and opening the toilet tank box – there was a handwritten note on the inside flap – “Defect on front of tank”. Yes – I said on the INSIDE of the box.

Contractor had to spend time to return to the wholesaler while I waited.

What! You couldn’t write that on the outside?
F A I L !

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My Day – Nov 4 2016

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Short one today…Replaced a single handle kitchen faucet.

If your faucet body is not secure on the counter, check for water under your sink – in todays’ case – the whole faucet body was movable and  was chafing on the water lines inside the unit. If yours is loose, tighten the hold down under the sink so only the spout moves rather than the whole faucet.

Eventually, for my customer, holes worn in both the hot and cold supplies inside the faucet made it necessary to turn the water off under the sink to stop the leaking (gushing) and required replacing the entire unit.

Customer now has a beautiful Moen  ALIGN PULLDOWN KITCHEN CHR MOEN 7565




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