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Some Photoshopping I have created

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Cartooning is fun!



Island View Beach – Saanichton BC Canada


My Granddaughter ( she was flying a kite)

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A couple of my first tech purchases

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Here are a couple of pictures I thought I would share for the younger viewers in the crowd..


Motorola Cellular phone

This phone could slide into holding/connection bracket under my truck seat and handset would plug into a jack on my dashboard as well as being carry-able. BTW – NOT light

It was actually a very good phone – reliable and clear.



TRS-80 Model I

No Hard Drive, No Floppies – Just a cassette deck that would load and save programs ( analog of course ) You had to fast forward to get to the program or data you needed! I taught myself Visual Basic on this dinosaur.

Visicalc (excel precursor)  an amazing program that I think made computers the most useful to most people and businesses.



Logitech Fotoman



Good old Logitech!

376 x240 px and grayscale only

(link for info from Wikipedia: FOTOMAN)


One of my first Printers (about $2000)

This was a behemoth of a printer – about 30 lbs and relatively noisy


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Too many USB Cables and not enough Ports

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My Aluratek 10 Port USB Hub ($44.83 CDN)



I was running out of ports for my USB cabled equipment, and my old 4 port USB hub stopped working…I purchased this 10 port hub on and it is a great piece of equipment.

This hub also includes a power supply if you prefer not to take power from your computer connection.

The hub has 6 forward facing ports, 2 on the back and 2 on the top that swivel up for use when needed.


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Screen Recording/Editing Software

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Screenflow 9.04 Software  ($130.38 CDN)


This is the software that I used to use to record and edit my screencasts. It is very easy to learn, and has an easy to use editing screen. You can find an amazing number of Youtube videos on using this program from ($130.38 CDN)

I signed up for a paid course from Mel Aclaro is a very good teacher – easy to follow and explains in detail every step of the process from capturing to editing to uploading to hosting providers such as Youtube, Vimeo etc. I enjoyed his hours of instruction and would recommend this course to anyone who wishes a little help with figuring it all out!

Camtasia 2020


Adobe Creative Cloud 2020

I am currently using Adobe Creative Cloud Software for video, Audio, SFX creation




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