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Some Photoshopping I have created

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Cartooning is fun!



Island View Beach – Saanichton BC Canada

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Quick Coding Products for Easy Data Retreival

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I recorded a video to show how quick coding your products in your databases, spreadsheets etc can help you find those products in an easy and efficient manner.

A quick code is merely something easy to remember to replace search criteria that is not so easy to remember.

I am demonstrating my use of these for products within my Quick Sale Program which I use on a daily basis, but the idea is suitable within any application that finding data quickly is important.


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A couple of my first tech purchases

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Here are a couple of pictures I thought I would share for the younger viewers in the crowd..


Motorola Cellular phone

This phone could slide into holding/connection bracket under my truck seat and handset would plug into a jack on my dashboard as well as being carry-able. BTW – NOT light

It was actually a very good phone – reliable and clear.



TRS-80 Model I

No Hard Drive, No Floppies – Just a cassette deck that would load and save programs ( analog of course ) You had to fast forward to get to the program or data you needed! I taught myself Visual Basic on this dinosaur.

Visicalc (excel precursor)  an amazing program that I think made computers the most useful to most people and businesses.



Logitech Fotoman



Good old Logitech!

376 x2 40 px and grayscale only

(link for info from Wikipedia: FOTOMAN)


One of my first Printers (about $2000)

This was a behemoth of a printer – about 30 lbs and relatively noisy


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Too many USB Cables and not enough Ports

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My Aluratek 10 Port USB Hub ($44.83 CDN)



I was running out of ports for my USB cabled equipment, and my old 4 port USB hub stopped working…I purchased this 10 port hub on and it is a great piece of equipment.

This hub also includes a power supply if you prefer not to take power from your computer connection.

The hub has 6 forward facing ports, 2 on the back and 2 on the top that swivel up for use when needed.