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My Microphones

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Blue Yeti Microphone ($183.03 CDN) Mount and boom arm are separate purchases


This is the microphone that seems to be most recommended by screencasters. When I had it all set up and created a couple of recordings, I found an odd hum in the results – turned out it was a vibration from my external hard drive sitting on my desk! I decided to take it off its base and purchase a shock mount and boom arm for it – and the sound is great!

It is a very sensitive mic – so keep that in mind if you purchase one of these!

The Blue Yeti fits nicely in the Radius Shockmount mounted on the Rode PSA1 Swivel Mount arm

Blue also has a lower priced microphone called the snowball which gets decent reviews.


I also recently purchased a Boya Lavalier mic ($24.99 CDN)as well for video shots on my IPhone. I record both my iphone audio and Yeti audio and then match the Yeti sound to the iphone video and it seems to work pretty well.

I have also tried this mic out with my Nikon DSLR and the audio is actually pretty decent! Better than the built in mic for sure!




Since I have recently purchased a new Nikon DSLR (D5500) and will probably be taking it out of the office, I will be needing an external microphone. I have done some research and for the money…

I think the RODE VMGO is the unit I will be purchasing ($119.00 CDN) – Just went up $20!



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My Scansnap IX500 Desktop Scanner

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Scansnap Ix500  ($559.92 CDN)


I have had many scanners over the years, but the Scansnap IX500 is my all time favorite . Previously I had a Neat scanner for mac which is now in a closet – I found the included software to be rather clunky and the replaceable parts OVERPRICED and rather poorly made.

This scanner will do 25 pages per minute and can scan double sided as well. It is very fast and the quality of scans is terrific! The included software allows you to choose the type of scan and there is also an app available that will scan a document directly to your iOS device!

I have mine setup to scan into Adobe acrobat where I run a macro to OCR and save to an appropriate file when done. This makes it perfect for the mac spotlight search – I never misplace any documents! Will scan directly to the cloud as well.

Works on both Windows and Mac and can be used on WIFI if needed.

Included is the following software:

  • ScanSnap Manager (Windows and Mac)
  • ScanSnap Organizer (Windows)
  • ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap (Windows and Mac)
  • Adobe Acrobat X standard (Windows)
  • PFU CardMinder (Windows and Mac)
  • Rack2-Filer Smart and Magic Desktop (Windows) – Available only with iX500 Deluxe
  • ScanSnap Folder (Windows)
  • Scan to SharePoint (Windows)
  • Scan to Mobile (Windows and Mac)

Even today – The scansnap IX500 rates as the best desktop scanner available. Here is a 2016 review (and yes – I am surprised that Neat even got on this list!)

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The Livescribe Echo Pen – Never Miss a Word

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Echo Smartpen by Livescribe  8GB ($310.22 CDN) (laptop not included of course!)

An amazing tool for business people.


I purchased an 8Gb Livescribe Echo Pen ( also available for less with smaller storage) a number of years ago, and found it to be very useful for both business and personal use. When I am at a job site meeting or a business meeting and want to take notes – I do it with this system. I do let people know that I am recording beforehand as I had one person in a hospital review for my mother ask me to not record (I suppose that they didn’t want mistakes on record!)

Anything that is being discussed is being recorded and any notes you take record what is being said at that very moment. When reviewing your notes, just pressing your pen anywhere within those notes will play back what was being said at that very time. It allows you to replay things you may have forgotten details about or used to show someone else that you know what was said!

My 8gb Pen allows recording up to 800 hours ( yes – 800) of notes, and when connected to your computer – you can see your handwritten notes and use your mouse to play the dialog if you prefer.

UPDATE: The last time I turned my pen on ( about 3 weeks since last used) the LED screen would not show anything. All the functionality seemed to be intact however. My pen is out of warranty – DAMN!

It seems this is a common problem with OLED displays on these pens – Purchase at own risk or get extended warranty.

Get the app for use on Ipad and Iphones   (**must be bluetooth smart ready device**)

Ipad Livescribe App

Right Click and Open in New Tab to see full size









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