Some of my Favorite and Least Favorite Plumbing Tools

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Some of my Favorite and Least Favorite Plumbing Tools

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A few of my tool preferences for work

Any tool that saves time on a job is well worth the time to consider – You can look at it from the point of view that getting jobs done quicker allows for more jobs or more time for yourself.

Here are a few of my favorite tools that I use just about every day in my plumbing business:



Drill – a little heavy, but the battery lasts



Tubing Cutter Рprobably my all time favorite tool! Milwaukee batteries are horrible however and are usually dead within a few uses. This tubing cutter only takes the M12 batteries only. Milwaukee 18V tools  are alright, but try to stay away from the tools needing the  small 12v batteries if you can.

It is a good thing I have many of these 12v batteries and I just swap from one tool to another as they wear down or completely become useless ( which is more often than you would expect at about $50 apiece!) I have a few that lasted maybe 2 months since new and then were non-chargeable.


Sawzall – a great powerful tool and I love this one because of the 18V battery – I have a couple of corded ones and this is much better.


Pipe shear – Great idea if it would cut without deforming ABS pipe ( and that is with a brand new blade – first cut.) Works best on 1-1/2″ and smaller ABS




Faucet nut remover and installer – Much easier than trying to get a wrench in place!

Turbotorch Kit – after years of dragging an acetylene bottle around – I don’t know why I didn’t do this a long time ago! These use Mapp gas cylinders.

The above is the Least expensive flexible head camera I have found, and it works OK but not the best view (About $200)

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