Nikon looks for any excuse to not repair your camera

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Nikon looks for any excuse to not repair your camera

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Nikon looks for any excuse to not repair your camera

I have recently needed to send in cameras for repairs a number of times.  On two occasions, I sent in cameras to Nikon for repair and they sent the camera back, saying they refused to fix the problem with the camera that I asked them to fix, because it could not be restored to “default condition.”

I pressed a few Nikon repair people as to what “default condition” means, and they said it means anything that they deem to be wrong with the camera.  So if you send in a camera that can be fixed easily, and they can find any excuse to say there is something else wrong with the camera–they won’t repair it.  I pressed them about what was wrong and they said the body was cracked.  Uh… checked it myself and there is not even a hairline crack to be found.  And frankly, even if there were and it doesn’t prevent the camera from shooting and functioning perfectly, who cares!?!?

To prove that the fix was simple and the camera was fine otherwise, I took the camera to a local repair shop that fixed the issue easily and inexpensively.  Even in lab tests with Imatest, the camera shoots sharp and functions perfectly. The truth is, they are looking for any excuse to not fix the camera so you’ll be forced to buy another one.

I am working to find out if Canon, Sony, and others have the same policy or not.  I have had horrible experiences with Nikon repair centers.  I have also had a negative experience with Sony repair, who refused to fix my new camera under warranty because they insisted it had been dropped, but it actually never was.

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